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"By using VIER evolve analyse, we can check almost all telephone calls for quality: With VIER, the checking rate increased from 3% to 95% with the same amount of personnel!" Matthias Schmidt, Head of Sales SME & Strategic Partner,

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VIER evolve analyse

Added value

Understand your customers better with the benefits of real-time analytics. Whether identifying concerns and sentiments or quality and customer satisfaction. Our holistic analysis and evaluation across all channels reveals

Customer satisfaction

Customer experience and customer satisfaction are becoming increasingly important. Use artificial intelligence to automatically translate what customers say into customer satisfaction.

Quality management

Quality should be what actually counts! With speech analytics you measure and increase call quality, reduce coaching times and improve employee satisfaction in your customer service.


Whether customer surveys are conducted on the phone or by email, inbound or outbound - you always receive a uniform and cross-location analysis of customer satisfaction across all channels.

Return on investment

Benefit from the high savings potential through automatic customer satisfaction surveys instead of staff deployment and save time through quick verification of training successes in your call centre.


Reduce the average call and follow-up time of your employees through targeted analysis of calls that are too long and subsequent processes.


AI-powered conversation analytics increase the satisfaction of your customer service teams. By relieving them of monotonous tasks, they gain more time for interactions that require empathy and persuasion.

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